Monday, October 28, 2013

Simple Steps to Creating a Child Proof Yard

I've invited a guest blogger to post for The Herb Cottage. I hope you enjoy and find the article useful!


Encouraging our children to get out and play in the yard is definitely a wonderful thing but it requires a few preparations where child safety in the yard is concerned.


There are a lot of possible dangers out in the yard and unless we find and eliminate them before our children begin going outside, there is easily a risk of getting hurt. The question is what can parents do to help ensure our children's safety when they are out supposedly having a great time? The answer to this question can be summarized in a few simple steps.


Create Space - In order for our children to play safely, they will need the space to play in. This might require giving the yard some attention and clearing out an area that can be designated for playing. The amount of space that can be cleared will depend on the overall size of the yard to begin with but any cleared space is better than no cleared space.


Pay Close Attention to Detail - This is probably the most important step of them all as it will involve thoroughly checking every square inch of the yard prior to it being opened to your children. When younger children are in the picture, you will want to be aware of plants and flowers that might be in the yard as well as any water fixtures that might be protruding from the ground.


Plants and flowers can be quite dangerous to children who are at the age where they eat everything. Poisonous flowers and plants should be removed completely and disposed of properly. And water fixtures pose a hazard in that they can be tripped over and can actually hurt a child quite badly.


Pools and ponds, as well as tall grass in a yard, can also be hazards to younger children. The pools and ponds are fairly self-explanatory so if you have either in your yard, consider fencing it off and child proofing it separately from the rest of the yard. Tall grass can be dangerous, in that it can hide snakes and spiders that can really hurt your children. Keep grass mowed regularly and avoid this from becoming a concern altogether.


Space to create - Children are very curious individuals and providing them with a safe place to be creative can be very advantageous. Children love to build, dig, and discover things on their own so giving them an area to do just that will be a winner for any child. Consider providing your child with a sandbox or an area of the yard that can be designated for doing all of the digging that they want. This step is more of a proactive safety measure than anything else.



Create a safe place for your child to play and enjoy the peace in knowing that your child is safe and secure out in their very own play area today!




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