Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Blog Post

Well... I've decided to start a blog to keep you updated on goings on at The Herb Cottage, the farm, new projects and musings regarding herbs, growing and Texas gardening. I'm hoping to write weekly, if not more often, and to keep this informal. So, here's a couple of pictures I took today while I was watering- one of my daily tasks, as we're in a major drought here and all the pots dry out quickly. Here's Ruby Begonia keeping cool among some Ponderosa Lemon Trees. She jumped away when she saw me with the hose!

Then, the guineas wandered by as they do in the late afternoon in this part of the yard.

Finally, I wanted to show off my Horseradish plant- herb of the year for 2011. As you can see, I'm growing it in the shade, and I water it daily. I'm hoping to make my own horseradish relish this fall!

Until next time, Good Growing to You!

The Herb Cottage


  1. I do hope you put a DEEP boundary in the ground to keep that horseradish from spreading! I planted mine into a container just to be safe. Loving your blog! Keep it up!

  2. I wouldn't mind the horseradish spreading. But, it's so hot here, I just don't think it'll be an invasive problem. I know in other areas where the summers are not as brutal, horseradish get to be a problem.

    Thanks for the tip, though. I do have some large containers I could grow it in. I grew daikon radish in a deep container and they did very well.

    Good Gardening to You,