Saturday, August 6, 2011

Popsicles to Beat the Heat

It's so hot here in Texas, you really could fry and egg on the sidewalk- not to mention the roof of your truck. So, when I saw this on Epicurious, I thought- what a great idea! When I was a kid waaaaay back in the 1950's my Mom used to make Kool-Aid popsicles for us in the summer time. We didn't have a fancy mold or even sticks. She just made them up in the aluminum ice cube trays and we sucked and chewed them from a plastic cup. 

These popsicles are much more healthy than the ones I had as a kid- made with fresh or frozen fruit. For a sweetener you can use agave nectar or even honey, if you like.  And, for an adult treat, some of the recipes have a little vodka or rum added.... hmmm... banana rum popsicle... 

So, have a look at the recipes and try one or two. It'll surely cool you down a bit. 

Until Next time.... 


  1. Fruit juice and rum popsicles for adults sound delicious.

  2. I thought so too! Haven't tried any yet, though.