Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Urban Landscaping Guide

For those of us in Texas living with drought, here's an excellent guide from Texas A&M on Urban Landscaping solutions. There is a section for Home Gardening, Landscapers and Nursery Professionals. All the information is free and easy to comprehend. 

Urban Landscape Guide

For the record... we had a brief, and I mean brief, shower yesterday. Then, rain all around us later in the evening with not one drop here on the farm. Very disappointing.

Here are a couple of pics from our front porch--

Facing East. You can see the little rosemary bush in the planter... and the lump in the center of the photo is cat, Amity. She's almost the same color as the dry grass now.

Facing South... just so desolate looking.

In the almost 25 years we've lived on this farm, we've never seen it this dry. This, too, shall pass... the question is, when?

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