Thursday, December 29, 2011

Time to Plant SEEDS!

It's time to plant your Tomato, Pepper and Eggplant seeds for Spring growing. Especially if you're in the Houston area, take advantage of the great seed selection on-line at and at the Industrial Country Market. Or visit with me at the Katy Farmers' Market in La Centerra. I'll be there this week, 12/31 and throughout the winter.
Count back from your last average frost date. Find your Gardening Zone.  Find your  average last frost date
Allow 6-8 weeks for seedlings to gain size and vigor. Start your seeds indoors with plenty of light and warmth. These seeds like at least 70ºF soil temp for good germination. Then, they can stay cooler to grow out into sturdy and healthy seedlings.

 Lots of heirlooms, open-pollinated, NON-GMO SEEDS! Stay tuned for links to a series of videos to help you with Spring growing. The first one will be on sowing seeds! 
 Until later- Happy New Year to You!! 


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