Wednesday, February 29, 2012

California, Here I Come!

I'm off to California to visit my family for a week. I've been working hard, along with my helper, to get lots done before I leave. We have almost all the tomato seedlings potted up and I even delivered some today to a local feed store. Then, we planted warm season veggies: several varieties of cucumbers, summer squash, acorn squash, watermelon, including the heirloom Moon & Stars, and even some corn and broom corn which is wonderful for a decoration and for the birds to eat the little seed.

I planted lots and lots of basil: Genovese, Lemon, Lime, Thai, Cinnamon, Serata, Holy and African. There will be basil plants everywhere in a few weeks!!

The herb beds look so good right now with the rains we've had and the warmer temps, too:

I just love this bed with the nasturtiums, green and bronze fennel, bluebonnets peeking through- almost ready to bloom, garlic chives and the cilantro blooming in the background.

Here is parsley with a sorrel and a Syrian Oregano on the right. The Syrian Oregano came through the heat and drought like a champ with very little additional water. The new growth is a nice light green. This is a very flavorful type, too! You can see some Calendula flowers in the background, if you look very closely.

This Arp Rosemary has done beautifully here. It's actually planted in a one gallon pot with the bottom cut out of it.

And, just to show we're not all workaholics around here, Miss Ruby Begonia taking a nap on the pots of Chamomile and Mint. 

Must be nice! She didn't even open her eyes when I called to her...

So, I leave my little nursery in the capable hands of husband, Mike. Even though he's not into the plants much, he does a great job watering and monitoring everything. He might even chase a cat away now and then! 

Upon my return, maybe I'll have some exciting new pics and a story to tell about a horticultural adventure in California.

Bye for now. 

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